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Past Seminars and Taster Webinars:

In April 2019, The Royal College of physicians (London) - Sunway - Cambridge Medical Seminars collaboration held their inaugural seminar at Sunway Medical Centre. This one day event proved to be a success and led to a further two day seminar held at Sunway University in September 2019. The plan was to continue these in-person seminars in 2020 and beyond.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 and the restrictions put into place by international governments, the decision was made to provide taster webinars online, allowing not just the ASEAN community, but those from across the globe to participate. This series of two hour webinars provided a small snapshot on a variety of topics.

Pandemic permitting, the hope is that face to face seminars will return in 2022.

Online Webinars:

The first in this series of webinars include Geriatric Medicine, Vasculitis and Lupus and Oncology.

Webinar 1 - Geriatric Medicine. Geriatrics in the 21st Century; 24th Ocotober 2020.

Webinar 2 - Vasculitis and Lupus; 28th November 2020

Webinar 3 - Oncology; 16th January 2021

Webinar 4 - Neurology; 17th April 2021

Webinar 5 - Endocrinology and Diabetes; 22nd May 2021

Webinar 6 - Rheumatology; 26th June 2021

Webinar 7 - Gastroenterology; 25th September 2021

Webinar 8 - Infectious Diseases: 16th October 2021